Vertical Blinds

Artane Blinds help create the perfect mood and shading for your living space. We can help select the fabric, colouring and finishing touches to complete any room.

There is a wide range of textures and colours to choose from. Select in the comfort of your home. There is also a range of fabric qualities to suit your budget.

Artane Blinds vertical blinds offer drapery-like appeal and soft light also present a uniform appearance from the exterior. Regulating the desired light and view is easily achieved with our finely engineered vertical track as it provides uniformly spaced vanes for any blind width. The fluid movement of the self-lubricated wheels and carriers allows for friction-free operation and years of problem-free operation.

Features and Benefits: 

– 180o vane rotation.
– Plastic / Steel chain.
– Two stacking options.


– Blinds are custom made to suit our clients individual needs

All our blinds are sewn and are not glued to assure the best of quality. Our blinds are also 100% child safe.

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